81534 - The Miracle of Love

N. Lygeros

Open your mind
to see how beautiful is
the Miracle of Love.
Because it’s bigger than life.
And it’s difficult even for a soul to accept it.
But it’s a gift.
Everything is for you because all is for you.
I don’t want only to be with you
because I’m always with you.
I want from you only the joy.
We are beyond any illusion.
We are beyond any religion
because we have the same faith.
You believe in me.
I know it.
And I can feel it everywhere on my body
because your soul is inside me
as my essence is inside you.
That’s the Miracle of Love
because we are both inside each other
and that’s why we are one.
The essence of souls
and the souls of essence
one perfection in harmony.