82135 - The 3/4 counterattack

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The counterattack was not only polemic
because it also had an element within it
which someone who couldn’t
function within the context of harmony
could not understand.
3/4 was a blend of dimensions
while it seemed a projection
it allowed the foundation
and that’s why it was so enjoyable
for knowledge.
The souls and the satisfying of the matter
was capable of producing multiplicity.
He had finally arrived on time
and was finally up near
because togetherness
had zeroed the distance
in order to touch deeply
the essence of the matter.
It was simultaneously the justification
and therefore there was great joy
and metajoy.
And that’s how they remembered the sweets they shared
even if it was
just a bite
because the knight
didn’t leave a soul behind.
The dessert of the castle
had no exclusivity.
They knew of it
and they experienced it
on the island continent as well
because it was what’s proper
for Humanity.