82188 - The past of the future

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

There weren’t many in Australia
who knew the past well enough
and they didn’t see how it looked like the future.
They gave the impression that they had forgotten
Japan’s aggression
and the possessional bank notes
which she had prepared in the context of the planned invasion.
Neutrality prevailed
because peace prevailed.
The confrontations in Hong Kong
and in Taiwan
didn’t touch upon most.
It was as if they were in another world.
But China was already playing go
over the Pacific Ocean
just as Japan had done
in the past.
It was no longer a utopia
but a reality which had been founded.
And it was merely a matter of action
in order for China’s barbaric vision to be realized.
For this reason, his own had to be informed
by all means
in order for them to be prepared for the future.