82189 - The end of neutrality

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Australia’s high strategy was crystal clear
and AUKUS was the best proof of it.
There was however a difference between the ruling power and the nation.
The second did not see the dangers
which the former had to face.
The context of peace had created the feeling
which promoted neutrality as a principle,
except it wasn’t a worth.
It was a fundamental problem.
The ANZUS which was signed in 1951
by Australia, New Zealand and America,
no longer made sense in 1984
due to New Zealand’s anti-nuclear policy.
AUKUS was therefore essential
and was created in 2021
between America, Australia and the United Kingdom.
The agreement was created at a military level
and that is why it differs from the Five Eyes structure.
But it is not limited to conventional and nuclear weapons.
Because it functions at the level of knowledge sharing
as far as cyber-warfare is concerned
but artificial intelligence as well.
This agreement surpassed all previous ones
with Japan, with France, with America
and with the United Kingdom.