82192 - The protection of the innocent

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek Athina Kehagias

Even if Australia realizes the danger of the situation,
it ought to still protect the innocent.
Not that it doesn’t already do so
but it should do it in a durable manner
and not merely an effective one.
Because it will not only have to deal with
the measures China will take against it
on a financial level
but to to also withstand an attack with all means.
At this level, of course
it will not be able to rely upon countries
which do not want to spoil their financial relationships
with China, even if it is a communist regime.
Therefore the Alliance will be based upon America,
the United Kingdom, but also the European Union.
It will no longer be neutrality
which will pretend
that it protects the innocent,
but the Righteous
who know which is the side of History
that is against barbarism
which has set as its aim
to erase every human trace
in order to impose its regime.