82204 - The unknown future

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek Athina Kehagias

Little by little what he was writing
was becoming history.
He had experienced it as such many times before
in other European countries.
In Greece, in Cyprus
but also in France and in Ireland
there were these traces of History.
They might have been more immediate
but they existed
and that was the substance of the matter.
After all, this European core
had also spread to America.
But now it was Oceania’s turn.
Because there was danger there as well.
It was no longer merely the pandemic issue
which had also come from Asia
and more specifically China,
but another cold war
which followed the ruins of the previous one
with implications even upon
the island of continent.
Consequently the existence and coexistence
of Europeans and Americans
in Australia for the unknown future
was important.