82205 - The first contacts

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek Athina Kehagias

The first contacts were made through the interviews.
Initially they had a local interest
which slowly became polytopic.
However the holistic level was also needed.
This became obvious with the lectures.
Because the speech was more direct
and consequently it caused more immediate interaction.
That’s where the first formalities appeared
and the first reports
in this unknown future
which would concern everyone
in this other new world.
Then it became understood
that there had to be the written word as well
to be accessible intertemporally.
He too was the proof of the traces of history.
The first contacts were transformed quickly
into first relationships
for the continuity to live
within Time.
But the profoundness of bonds
which goes beyond the limits
in order to fill the world with substance
didn’t exist yet.