82206 - Memory protection

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek Athina Kehagias

It was rare to find people
who protected the memory.
Even objects with a historical background were at risk
when there was barbaric expansionism
which wanted to erase everything
in order to rule the void.
China payed no attention to other cultures
because it considered them inferior.
Australia cared about all
because respect for the different was fundamental.
And this difference made the difference
on a human level.
It wasn’t merely cultural details
but fundamental traces which had to be protected.
Artificial intelligence had to help as well.
That is why the position of the people who protected the memory was so important.
However those culture incorrigible considered
that all this was unimportant,
and not even self-evident.
Whereas for him it was data which needed to be protected
at all costs in this struggle of Humanity
against barbarism.
It was a mental demand.