82212 - The first indications

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek Athina Kehagias

There was no longer an excuse
even for the most neutral ones.
Early indications had proven
the range of Chinese expansionism.
The use of violence was predictable.
The problem was now, if that was inevitable,
and in that case what should the measures be
which Australia should get
at a high strategic level.
There were no longer the levels
of tactics, of operations
and strategy.
High strategy was vital.
The issue was how to be presented to everyone
for the sake of awakening
but without the existence of panic.
As for the hybrid war it had begun
and Australia had to
resist on all fronts
and at all levels.
The nuclear submarines were not enough by themselves
and the intervention could have taken place even before
they arrive in Australia
due to time limit.