82213 - The first statements

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek Athina Kehagias

After the first indications came the first statements.
Australia could no longer turn a blind eye.
China's aim was straight forward.
She wanted to expand in every way to the Western world,
wherever wherever in might have been upon the planet.
As a result Australia had become a target
before she even realized that she had to act.
Here too there were serviles who were trying to present all
the data in a different way.
They weren't embarrassed about saying that the problem was with the alliance of America, whereas
they knew that without the latter
Australia would already be occupied since WWII.
But they did bet upon the ignorance of the majority
and upon the people who had come to the area much later.
The truth however was bright.
Only thanks to America's high strategy,
had Australia managed to remain free.
Things were even deeper
since its independence,
even within the context of the Commonwealth,
was directly related to existence
of the sixth fleet.
Otherwise China would already be in Australia
and not only the immigrants.