82240 - The awakening of Australia

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

While the trade war had started since 2019,
Australia realized merely in 2023 that the problem was more serious.
Looking back she could see
that she had only experienced the first part
of a greater range conflict
and that only thanks to the resistance of the Ukrainians
she had not suffered a greater cost.
Therefore she had to take advantage of this delay
which was due to inefficiency
of the Russian invasion of Ukraine
otherwise she would have experienced a different 2022.
Additionally she thought that the trade war
had begun the year of the pandemic in China
when no one else in the world
knew what was going on
since the planet had lived through
the effects of the Chinese pandemic
well into the next year.
This fact was indicative of the mode
of the hostility that had developed
against the West across the planet.
China’s expansionism had initiated
the acts of barbarism
but now Australia had awakened.