83324 - The Respect of Elders

N. Lygeros

Dedicated to Warren Foster

We recognize the spiritual relationship
between the Ancestors and the Elders.
We belong to Mankind
that’s why dead people, alive people and unborn people
are together in Time.
And our contributions are different
but for the same goal, the same vision.
We hear different sounds
but we are talking with the same voice.
This is the voice of Mankind.
We live near the same lake,
the same sea, the same ocean
because it’s the same water from the sky.
We are part of the Nature
maybe it’s most artificial part
but we belong to it.
Like the lake, the sea, the ocean
which belong to the sky.
Their colours come from it.
It’s the unique source.
We are swimming in the same water
as we talk from our birth the same language.
We take our words from the Nature.
We speak with its stones.
We breathe with its wind.
We drink its essence.
That’s why we have the respect of Elders.
Our language is a tree with long roots.
We aren’t alone.
Because we are the leaves of the same tree.
We are the drops of the same rain.
We are the souls of the same light.
That’s why our stories are able
to built History.
Our words of our language are precious
because they are pieces
of the same harmony.