83348 - The connected language

N. Lygeros

Dedicated to Warren Foster

The language is not only an abstract tool of communication

it’s also a connection between Humanity and Mankind.
It’s related to the land
and when the land is occupied
this is a place of resistance.
This is a way to fight barbarity.
When a system does not allow you
to speak your language
it’s an act of barbarity.
It wants to cut your roots.
But words are stones, maybe little bitstones.
And we can keep them in our hands
in our minds to construct a bridge
between the past and the future
even if the present is occupied
by the oblivion of society.
The connected language is able to win
it needs only trust.
The language is not an empty shell.
You can see in it a forest of words.
And each of them is important for its nature.
And if you forget your language
you lose a part of your humanity.
So use the nature to keep it alive
in your deep memory to create the future.
Admire the landscape
and you will listen to the words
of your connected language.
Nothing is lost
if you continue to resist.
Everything is possible
if you have faith.
So speak to the trees.
Their wood will answer to your soul.
The connected language is always
a deep link with all of your people.
The dead, the alive, and the unborn.
So continue to use it and teach it.