83349 - Continue to tell your story

N. Lygeros

Dedicated to Warren Foster

Don’t stop.
Don’t give up even if it’s difficult.
Continue to tell your story
because it belongs to our History.
We are of course different
that’s why diversity exists.
Don’t forget to be proud of your continuity.
Your life is the proof
that a civilization can live thousands of years.
Continue to work
because our struggle against barbarity
depends also on you.
We are a deep neural network
which is fighting for Mankind.
And if you feel that you are alone
don’t forget Mankind
because we know this strange feeling.
With your story you don’t help
only your people
but all the people who believe in Mankind.
Because they can see
that the return is possible.
The resurrection of your language provides
a new augmented reality.
Even if you think
that your story is small
imagine that it’s a leaf of a tree
which belongs to the forest.
Everything is important
if it is related to Mankind
no matter how small it is.
And by the way,
you are not alone,
we are together
in the same struggle of Mankind
against barbarity
and nothing can change this.