84107 - The lightworks

N. Lygeros

– You know that I can feel in me the splitting effect.
– You mean like in a splitting field in which every polynomial can be written as the product of linear factors.
– In one way yes…
– But you are thinking…
– It’s like a firework in me but with light.
– Like an explosion of essence?
– Yes, you found it, that’s it.
– It’s a feeling of your body, my soul.
– Not only. In fact, you ignite every part of me.
– Because I touch the core.
– You mean my soul?
– I mean you.
– And what about me?
– I know that we will be forever together.
– Why do you say that, right now?
– Because I can feel how you feel and I understand how human you are. And in fact, much more than my persons. I find this really beautiful.
– I will drink your essence.
– I will drink your tears.