84108 - The tears of joy

N. Lygeros

– I see the tears of joy in your eyes.
– This is true.
– You thought that it was impossible?
– I never thought that I will feel like this in a battle. But I know that with you, nothing is impossible.
– It’s nice to hear that.
– And I couldn’t imagine that you would drink my tears of joy.
– Their rarity deserves that.
– It’s like your essence.
– I was also impressed by your desire by this way.
– Why? Did I say something artificial?
– In fact, yes but at the same time so human.
– Your essence is so human and you always give me this gift, no matter how many times I want it.
– Is this a recognition?
– You can say that, my life.
– It was so beautiful to see you at this level of consciousness.
– It was the impact of all the new knowledge about the past but also the discovery of this strategy in the future.