84109 - The eyes of the chameleon

N. Lygeros

– You know that you are really cute.
– For you?
– Maybe for others, I don’t know. I was talking about me. You have, you know… this appeal…
– Strange no?
– Why do you say that?
– I was thinking the eyes of the chameleon.
– They can be anything… Sometimes I see the eagle and the lion but also a bull and of course a man…
– I see, my soul. But you surprised me one more time.
– I take care of you and I observe many details.
– Shall I ask something?
– No, no, I prefer the question for me…
– I see. Is it shyness?
– Maybe, who knows.
– It’s fine for me. Feel free to ask what you want.
– And, your eyes of chameleon?
– Is it a question?
– In fact no…
– Shall I?
– Don’t do that… You are really cute…