84110 - The masterpiece

N. Lygeros

– Sometimes I feel you so close to me that you could breathe me.
– But I do it, my soul.
– I know that you do it and I love it. But I was talking also in a symbolic way.
– So you are talking about empathy.
– Yes, exactly. But how can you do it? I mean, in a so efficient way?
– I don’t try to do anything to get this result.
– It’s only your pure nature.
– It’s a necessity and I was made for that.
– It’s another way to be attractive.
– Oh, I see… You know that when you ask me all the questions, I’m thinking that I was also made for that.
– Made for answer to me.
– Made for you.
– I don’t know if I deserve that.
– Of course you deserve it. My point is if I deserve it.
– You’re kidding. All your life is a masterpiece. I study it!
– There’s nothing more to take away.
– Perfect!