84112 - Only you

Ν. Λυγερός

– There is no dream, just a vision.
– Only you can make it.
– I thought you were singing…
– Because you fill my heart with love?
– All right, what do you want?
– Me, nothing, you know it.
– Come on, my soul…
– So you want to know my needs.
– As always.
– I want darkness bright.
– You continue…
– Not exactly. I was wondering how will you solve and fix so many problems.
– With you, of course.
– Only you… With me?
– Together.
– But is it possible?
– You have faith…
– For sure.
– So it’s a question of Time.
– Is it so simple?
– I have to write your destiny.
– Even simpler.
– I will make all this change.
– Are you singing?
– Not exactly.
– But you found my harmony.