84113 - Never let me go

N. Lygeros

– Can I ask you a favor?
– You mean a grace… of course.
– Never let me go.
– I love you, my sweet soul.
– Until the end.
– Even after… I’ll be yours through all the centuries.
– I know that you will.
– But you wanted to hear it…
– Don’t watch me like this.
– I love you and I will always will.
– You know that I know this song.
– Of course, I know it but it doesn’t change my mind.
– You see, how cute you are!
– Don’t be cruel!
– Me?
– It’s the first time that I have someone.
– And not something… It’s the same for me.
– So there is no trouble.
– I never looked for troubles.
– But we will have some in this struggle.
– We are together and I don’t care!