84114 - It’s now or never

N. Lygeros

– The Library is open.
– What do you mean?
– I mean to the people.
– And the link is gone.
– We have enough data.
– And many problems to solve…
– Fewer than the souls we have to save.
– Your bench mark is impressive.
– There is no choice.
– That’s why we need a so high standard deviation.
– But those data were precious.
– Did you analyze everything?
– You will do it after.
– We have something else to do?
– The Synthesis.
– We are beyond the synoptic mind and the transcendence.
– Correct but we are able to go beyond normal limits.
– No more boundaries?
– No more.
– Can you imagine the implications?
– A sixth sense would be very useful…
– I’m here for that. And there is 4D-interdiction!