84115 - The Lord of Light

N. Lygeros

– Can I say something?
– What you want!
– I’ve never saw so much light.
– You really want to see it.
– For sure.
– Now it’s done.
– So the Lord…
– It was so long…
– I know. But you did it.
– I didn’t expected it.
– Your Faith was sufficient.
– In this case, you knew it.
– Of course, I’m here for that.
– But you never told me.
– It was needless to say it.
– Now, I see why.
– You follow the path of the light.
– So here we are again.
– To continue the work.
– This is a new happy day.
– Do you believe it?
– I’m full of light.
– I see it, my soul.
– Upside, inside out.
– This is the kiss of soul.
– I feel even your lips.
– This is the word.
– I’m embedded in you.
– It’s a perfect way to harmony.