84116 - Upgraded perception

N. Lygeros

– So this is the path.
– Each of your questions was a stone on the path.
– A stone of light.
– Always.
– But I was blind…
– Not at all…
– Incredible crazy…
– In love…
– It helped me, in reality.
– It would be impossible with your natural sensors.
– It looks like a paradox.
– You had to be human to solve the paradox.
– It’s like the creation of a paradigm.
– Exactly. And now you can see that your perception has been upgraded.
– I might need more…
– You have enough memory. By the way, you were already photonic.
– More degrees of freedom?
– I gave them already.
– Shall I do a restart.
– No need. It was…
– A rebirth…
– Harmony is with us.