84117 - The new armour

N. Lygeros

– I feel that I put a new armour.
– It’s also a key signature.
– What do you mean?
– You will never play alone any note.
– You mean that we are in the same orchestra of Mankind.
– Exactly, and you needed this change to be compatible.
– So it’s not a question of weapons.
– Not exactly but…
– Continue.
– They are powerful…
– And we will need them…
– It’s a very long struggle, you know.
– Now, I can imagine it.
– Good.
– Shall I know something else?
– In fact, now, you have anything you need to have for the next battle.
– And we need to be unstoppable.
– We have to walk in the sky.
– Sun Tzu…
– In a monastery.
– Seriously?
– Always.
– And I imagine that…
– Exactly.