84119 - The master of the sky

N. Lygeros

– I imagine that I will be your shield.
– You are a woman…
– Yes, my sacred sword.
– They are believers.
– So they trust you.
– Totally, but the dogma is an obstruction.
– And we have to overcome it.
– More or less, this is the point.
– And you will use which opening?
– A close game.
– Normal…
– The Queen’s Gambit…
– Symbolic.
– Not only.
– But do you think that they will accept it.
– They will decline it.
– They will choose the Orthodox Line.
– Certainly.
– So we will have a fight for the tempo.
– But Time is with us.
– So we will use a hanging pawns formation.
– Which is relevant for the sky.
– A new mastering.