84120 - The Book of Psalms

N. Lygeros

– You know all the Psalms…
– Yes, of course. What shall I do?
– We will be separated in the Church.
– I will stay next to you.
– But at a distance.
– Shall I sing?
– A prayer will be sufficient at the beginning.
– I will think about you.
– I will do the same.
– Two monads in the same holy place.
– We will not be only two simple indestructible elements.
– In the sense of Leibniz.
– But also two metaphysical units.
– That are spatially extended and psychically aware in the sense of Bruno.
– So you got it.
– But I don’t try to imagine the scenario with you.
– I saw your smile.
– But I will do some simulations, just in case…
– I Know you, my soul.