84121 - The sacred fight

N. Lygeros

– Here we are.
– Yes, indeed.
– You see the holy place.
– Target locked.
– Remember, we have to save them.
– I will keep this in mind.
– And be patient. It will take time.
– But you will again have to answer to dogmatic questions.
– Certainly but not only…
– They have still love in their hearts.
– That’s why we are here.
– Let’s start this sacred fight.
– Ready?
– I’m with you and no matter what do you expect, I will follow you.
– You will be next to me.
– You want to show them the power of love.
– And the perfection of harmony when we are far away from the equilibrity.
– They will feel the storm of freedom with its light.
– Ignition.