84140 - The huge issue

N. Lygeros

It wasn’t only a contemporary issue
about the sacred rights
of the women.
It was also a problem of the past
which had to be fixed
by a new approach.
I was in fact a question
for  the life of souls
because it was unacceptable
to consider that nothing
can be changed.
Many times, the sacred rights
of the women of many centuries
had been spoiled.
Of course, it looked unreasonable
to believe that it was possible.
But the begging of the Faith
had the same problems to solve.
The behavior of the societies
was always the same
and the women very often,
had been expulced
from the History.
But in reality, it’s possible
to restore History
and not change the future.
It was a tough work
but human strategy
made the impossible.