84152 - Out of the monastery

N. Lygeros

The first mission was over.
And now everything is possible
even if it’s incredible.
I saw the nature
and it looked different.
I knew of course
that it was the same
and I had this strange feeling.
I understood after a short time
that the difference was him.
He showed to me
the real power of Light.
He wasn’t only a protector
but a savior.
The monastery was only
for the protection of the believers
in the best case
but it was incompetent
for the salvation of souls.
The souls don’t need only
to be protected,
they are no bodies.
They need to be saved.
He was made for that.
The salvation of the souls
is his role, his function,
his teleology.
And out of the monastery
he didn’t have to be precautious.