84153 - In the noise

N. Lygeros

It was impossible to listen to the sounds
because the noise of the society
was too loud.
Even the notes were lost.
So we had to create new codes
for the transmission
of this new knowledge.
And nothing was obvious.
We had with us new data
but the facts are important
only to the persons who want
to see the light,
to listen to the notes.
It wasn’t only a question of music…
But the music was important
for the inspiration.
Even in the concrete jungle
it was possible to discover
rare people
who were close to the light.
It was difficult to imagine
the score of his mind
but it was certainly
a way to share harmony.
No matter about the equilibrium,
outside of the monastery
we had to create
new paths of Light.
It was the splitting effect.
Our new bifurcation.