84167 - The universal access

Ν. Λυγερός

He’s clear.
The access must be universal.
It’s the only way
to get a Faith.
Even with only one interdiction,
we will get only a religion.
The universal access is
a condition sine qua non
for the fairness.
This is fundamental for the sacred.
The souls have the same nature
and this point is crucial.
The access to the sacred
can’t be an exclusivity.
All the religions are exclusive
when they aren’t universal.
It’s not just a difference
between men and women.
It’s a barbarian partition,
it’s an apartheid
which is against Mankind.
And we don’t care if it is
a petty apartheid
or a grand apartheid.
In any case it is infamous
and insane for Humanity.
And even if it is legal
or even religious
it’s against Mankind.