84178 - The mastering of Time

N. Lygeros

The initial question for the women
in the sacred world
was more about time than space.
They didn’t want the presence of the women
but the only way to avoid them was
to change the history
and to remove them
even if they were from the beginning
next to the Light
until the end
and even after.
They wanted to control
the power of a religious
and they broke the Faith.
It was the only way for them to see
the structural desacralization
of the role of women.
This secularization was a crime
and it wasn’t the will
of those who loved the initial light.
The disappearance of women
from the set of the Apostles
was the first move.
It was not sufficient
because they continued
to believe in the light.
So the system decided
that they will be forbidden
from the preaching.