84185 - The shared joy

N. Lygeros

He saw their faces at the beginning
and he understood
what they expected from him.
He was a source of shared joy.
But the proof of his human part
was his smile…
They had chosen the view
to see every part of the light
at every moment of the light,
at every moment of their joy.
He discovered their sweet requests
and he tried to be complementary
in order to create the harmony
which is the world of the souls.
They wanted an adagio
but also a crescendo
to have the time
to valorize any detail
in depth.
Even if they were invisible
he could feel their love.
This was the reason
of the existence of his metajoy
and the point of perfection.
This was the exact timing
for the rising of his love.
It was like an illumination
for their hearts
and it was their visible part
with their beautiful smiles.