84262 - The Gould’s breath

N. Lygeros

I like to listen to the Gould’s breath
when he’s playing piano.
Because it’s not any more
an anonymous interpretation.
Every of his breath is like a signature
on the score of the tempered clavier.
With that miracle
his interpretation is still alive
even after his death.
So I can hear his soul
which is whispering
any accent of his notes.
And I feel that I’m sitting
next to him, near the piano.
This fact isn’t obvious
but it’s crucial for our souls
because it’s a new way
to listen to Bach
with the intermediate of Bach.
It’s not an obstacle
but a bridge
in the world of the souls.
Due to that
even Bach is closer to us.
And ever he’s with us alive
in the memory of Humanity
as if he was unstoppable
in the struggle against barbarity.