84291 - One thousand years old

N. Lygeros

– How can you do all these different things?
– You mean our works?
– Not only…
– What else?
– Everything you have already done…
– Are you trying to prove how old am I?
– You should be one thousand years old.
– So you think that it is the answer to your question?
– It’s not obvious but if I discover that it’s a fact…
– What would you do?
– In fact, I don’t know. May be I would say what I’m thinking right, I mean respect.
– So you see it doesn’t change the essential of our link.
– The mental model is already isomorphic, I presume.
– So you see that you can change the wording of your question if you want an answer. But, by this way, you will get what you know now…
– The abstract model works.
– This is the proof of my existence.