84292 - One more life

N. Lygeros

– I will need one more life…
– To do what?
– To live next to you.
– I will give it to you, in any case.
– But why?
– Because you deserve it.
– Me?
– Yes, my soul…
– But I feel that I’m not sufficient for all this.
– But you are still here.
– Of course I am but I want to continue this even after the end.
– The end is not a terminus. It’s only the starting point of the next Cycle.
– But you cover so many fields at the same time.
– And we are together.
– And we are fine with this?
– It’s a question of harmony.
– And when I’m asking about that…
– You are working as the complementary.
– I get the point.
– You are like it.
– Yin Yang.