84295 - Angel Face

N. Lygeros

– Is it normal?
– What?
– To have an angel face…
– Do you prefer something else?
– Oh, no, it’s fine for me.
– But your question…
– I mean that for me it’s so natural.
– That you are asking if it’s normal.
– More or less…
– It should be different for you?
– It’s a question of time maybe.
– Always.
– I was thinking that’s strange.
– To find something new.
– This face… is so pure and so clear that it’s impressive.
– There is no choice.
– Always a human part.
– They don’t need to be afraid.
– But the difference still exists.
– Always.
– And it’s not a problem?
– For whom?
– Not for you, obviously.
– I’m here for that.
– And it’s a fact.