84300 - Unconditional love

N. Lygeros

-It’s incredible even for the believers…
-That unconditional love exists.
-They believe in someone who’s more rare than that.
-But they don’t know it.
-They could imagine it.
-No it’s impossible, they have too few data.
-And for unconditional love?
-They know many conditions…
-I see…
-So they can see directly what they will lose…
– Lose? And not win.
-For them it’s a losing process.
-But why?
-Because they know what they have…
-Which is a compromise.
-And they don’t know what they could get.
-It’s not the problem of imagination!
-So it’s a question of faith.
-For a true believer the unconditional love is a fact.
-But many people aren’t  at this level. They just believe that they believe.