84302 - The wonder

N. Lygeros

– I was surprised.
– With the wonder?
– It was unpredictable.
– For what reason?
– I don’t know exactly.
– Maybe a lack of data?
– After so many years…
– It’s possible.
– Did you expect something else?
– In reality, the surprise has become normal.
– And this is also a surprise, I imagine…
– The singularity can’t be smooth.
– Except if it is anomalous.
– What do you mean?
– When the singularity is so general, it’s impossible to see the difference.
– Which difference?
– The difference between the worlds…
– With or without?
– That’s the point.
– When we are all the time with a singularity everything seems natural and normal.
– But it’s simply exceptional.