84312 - Love us

N. Lygeros

– I know that you love us…
– It’s the truth.
– Do it like you do.
– I can’t do it in a different way.
– Your love is a fact.
– But it’s not obvious.
– I want the fact.
– But you have it.
– I know.
– You want something else.
– We are Mankind.
– Yes, a part of it.
– That’s why your love is…
– Unconditional.
– I try to understand.
– Ask me what you want.
– I can’t see clearly.
– I ‘m here for you.
– How can we be sure?
– For what?
– For your protection.
– My protection is a consequence of the Love of Mankind.
– So nothing can change.
– Nothing. I’m here for that.
– Thanks God!
– Is Everything fine now?
– Oh, yes.
– Perfect.
– Love us like you do.