84316 - Absolute believers

N. Lygeros

– We are absolute believers.
– I know.
– But can you feel it?
– I see its beauty.
– It’s our faith and your light.
– We are together.
– We are with you.
– I’m here for you.
– That’s the difference.
– This is the essence.
– Our souls are no more slaves.
– This is my willingness.
– This is our freedom.
– Faith is always free.
– That’s why the dogma is not compatible with Humanity.
– We don’t need rules.
– We just understood it.
– When you save someone…
– You don’t ask his pedigree.
– The savior is for all the needs.
– We felt it in our core.
– I can see it. And your joy enhances my light.
– And our faith?
– My love.
– So we contribute to the miracle.