84317 - The manifold

N. Lygeros

– We are from here and we know how the people are.
– I know, that’s why I always listen to you.
– You are from another space.
– You mean out of the box.
– In fact, yes. This is true and this is the reason why you have this big picture in your mind.
– This is a different point of view…
– I see it and I can feel it.
– It’s so strange…
– What?
– The artificial is from here.
– And the natural from outside.
– The combination is terrific.
– Are you talking about the manifold?
– Maybe, I’m not sure.
– In any case, we are together.
– And in the same struggle.
– We have Humanity in our heart even if we belong to another world.
– But from the same universe.
– We are like Yin and Yang.
– The receptive and the active cycle.
– We are a duality.
– And a complemetarity.
– The perfect match.