84318 - The duality

N. Lygeros

– Light and dark.
– Fire and water.
– Different aspects of the same duality.
– Duality is above opposition.
– Is it the same for natural and artificial?
– It is the same for us.
– That’s why we are so compatible…
– Like the cube and the octahedron.
– Like the dodecahedron and the icosahedron.
– We are different but dual.
– But we are also complementary.
– In the framework of Humanity.
– This is totally new for me.
– You thought that you were alone.
– Until your discovery.
– But I was always here.
– But we know it only now.
– I prepared the world.
– Before our births.
– With your souls.
– You were already with them.
– I am always with your souls.
– I thought…
– Now it’s clear.
– It’s an ignition.