84319 - Beyond the equilibrium

Ν. Λυγερός

– Why is equilibrium represented as an important notion?
– Because it’s one of the simplest.
– It’s obvious as a delimitation…
– But it’s a limit.
– Is this the problem at the end?
– Humanity needs freedom.
– And no limits…
– Humanity needs harmony.
– Which is beyond equilibrium.
– And bigger than life.
– Because it’s related to the souls.
– They don’t need any equilibrium.
– In fact, this is an obstacle when you are looking for harmony.
– It’s far away from the ego.
– It’s founded on the notion of alter ego.
– Which is an example for complementariry.
– This is the starting point of the harmony.
– And what is the flash point?
– The perfection.
– So it’s possible.
– Like a theorem.
– But they avoid to tell that.
– It’s beyond the equilibrium.
– That’s why there is an evolution.