84327 - Next to the source

N. Lygeros

– Can I drink?
– Are you asking this to me?
– You are the owner…
– But you aren’t like me.
– I’m here also for you.
– What are you going to give me in exchange?
– The immortal water.
– You have nothing for that purpose.
– You just have to believe it.
– I can’t trust a stranger.
– I’m here for your people.
– I don’t understand what you mean.
– Bring yours here.
– I’m alone.
– I know your past.
– I don’t know my future.
– With me you will know it.
– How is it possible?
– I’m the source.
– I’m waiting for the savior.
– You don’t need to wait anymore.
– Why? How do you know that?
– I’m the present of the future.
– It’s you?
– I’m here now.
– Thanks, God.