84328 - Only human

N. Lygeros

– They are only human.
– I’m here for them.
– So you think that they deserve it.
– There is no relation.
– What do you mean?
– It’s a question of love.
– You mean duty.
– I mean faith.
– So you are talking about the believers.
– They aren’t at the beginning.
– You will help all of them.
– I will help those who need it.
– I don’t have so much data.
– We will discover them.
– Are you talking about souls?
– Always.
– They need light.
– I will give them only that.
– But how?
– This is my life.
– Are you going to sacrifice it?
– I don’t have anything else.
– But they will not understand it.
– There is only one option.
– I got it.
– Let’s go.
– For the love of Mankind.