84329 - The question

N. Lygeros

– Let me ask you a question.
– Please, feel free.
– Can we say something about the Book?
– Of course, what do you want exactly?
– The aim is always the same…
– The salvage of souls.
– But you have to fight for that.
– It’s true.
– Like a warrior?
– Of light.
– And what about barbarity?
– Are you talking about the dogma?
– Sure!
– We have to remove it.
– In what way?
– The soul has to be liberated.
– But the soul has to want it.
– That’s the problem.
– Explain to me.
– Some of them don’t want it.
– And what do you do in that case?
– I don’t waste my time.
– You have others to save.
– That’s the problem.
– And it’s also the solution.
– So you have the answer.