84330 - Rescue us

N. Lygeros

– I don’t know about the others… I need to know if you are going to rescue us.
– I will.
– You know that at the beginning I thought that the most important was to save lives. It’s only with you that I discovered the importance of souls.
– So you know that it’s no more a question of death or life.
– The problem is deeper…
– It’s not only a tsumego…
– And the question is different.
– Equilibrium or harmony.
– And for that you have to choose.
– Between peace and freedom.
– I understood it. It wasn’t obvious.
– But it’s a fact.
– In the dark.
– You can see the light.
– In the water.
– You can see the fire.
– Beyond equilibrium.
– Duality.
– Beyond complementarity.
– Perfection.