84331 - The work

N. Lygeros

– If the work creates the being…
– You are the result of that.
– I got that it can be an ontological argument indeed.
– For the same reason the Gospel of John is right.
– In what sense.
– The encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well is relevant.
– Because he never went there…
– But His work did it.
– It’s like the use of an isomorphism.
– The being is upgraded via the work.
– It’s already an innovation.
– And he used it to make a combination with Samaritan messianic beliefs.
– Two levels of understanding.
– At least! But at the same time it’s clearer.
– In comparison with the Synoptics.
– The identification  with the word is totally new.
– And as the word is identified with God.-
– It’s a proof.
– Deeper and clearer.
– A new resolution.