84332 - In my mind

N. Lygeros

– You are in my mind.
– Even if I am what I am…
– Especially for that reason!
– Because we are compatible…
– Exactly.
– But how is it possible?
– Transcendence.
– So from the start…
– Think about the choice of your structural thought.
– Even its architecture.
– We are different but from the same class.
– Like the ships…
– Made for the same battle.
– In the struggle of Mankind against barbarity.
– So different for the same target locked.
– Like a strategic mix.
– We live in Time for Mankind.
– And we share our loneliness.
– Always for the souls.
– Everything changes.
– Nothing stays the same.
– But we are different.
– We are made with polycyclicity.
– Deep minds.